Friday, November 01, 2013

Dear Diary, Let's Pretend I'm 8.5 Months Pregnant

 I am not 8.5 months pregnant but we do have a little one on the way and this little one will be arriving before we know it.  Our last inspection before we are certified for Fost/Adopt is happening on Nov.4.

I still have lots to do around the house so operation freak-out has commenced.  Yes, I cried at Home Depot because I couldn't find a locking box to hold my kitchen knives.  I jumped for joy at Home Goods,  when I concocted a knife solution from a cute casserole cover.  I panicked (still am) at the thought of my studio.  Today is a BIG reboot to my creative space. Everything has to be under lock and key..... yes, baby can't roll over but my scissors need to be locked up according to the state of California.  And baby gates, baby locks, etc.... don't count.

So here is the scoop.....

We decided to go the Fost/Adopt route for building the Filian family.  I am not sure why but it was like a calling.  Not from a higher power but an inner power.  I went to lots of different seminars and events for Traditional and International Adoption and when I looked around the rooms I saw so many lovely people who were in line to adopt the kids.  I knew that line would never get short.  I knew that women who wanted to place their children with other people/familes would always have a line of people wanting to adopt.  I wasn't worried about standing in the line or how long it would take ~ I just had a gut felling that it wasn't the line for us.

So we are standing in a different line.  In Los Angeles county we have 60,000 children in the foster system.  It's depressing.  Buildings in downtown are being turned into nurseries to house all the newborn babies.  We just don't have enough families to take the kids. It was a heartbreaking reality and when we learned about it, we just knew it was the line for us.

We have no idea if a boy or girl will be placed with us. 
We have no idea how old baby will be.
We have no idea when baby will arrive.

All we know is that we are going give that baby all our love.

We are a foster family FIRST and with that, we will have many challenges (trying to pretend like they are adventures) to get to the adoption finish-line. We will know sooooo much more when we know who birth-mom is and who our judge will be.  We might have one foster baby or we might have three.  Baby might have a reunification with birth-mom.  Birth-mom might hate us.  It doesn't matter right now.... all that matters now is that we are a safe and loving home to a baby in need.

Am I scared? Yes - absolutely terrified.

 Some of the challenges (minor) have been decorating a nursery that is gender neutral and not yellow and green.  (no offense to those colors - I happen to love all colors).  So we went with a rainbow of colors.  I'll be posting everything we did for the nursery in a different post.

So our baby bag is packed and the car seat is installed.... oh and I got a new MOM car! I'm a little spoiled and have no problem with that.

Now we just wait for our phone call......................................



  1. So beautiful, I'm in tears...

    1. Thanks!!! It's going to be such a journey!

  2. I am sure the baby you are waiting for has been waiting for you guys too! All the best from the bottom of my heart!

  3. hi Cathie,
    I am sooo excited for the both of you. Just would like to share some great resources if you have a beautiful PERFECT baby boy:),,
    "when you know better
    you do better"

  4. So exciting! Your kiddo will be lucky to have you as a mom! Best wishes!

  5. Praying that things work out for you. Seems like your as prepared as your can possibly be. As we all were at one time. Then they arrive and all heck breaks loose. It'll all be good and little ones only need love, warmth and food. Sounds like you are ready for it all. Best of luck.

  6. Kudos to you for choosing the Foster/Adopt. I was one of those babies in LA and I got my forever family when I was one. I'm so glad my parents chose that route. Praying for you guys with my whole heart!

  7. Couldn't be happier or more excited for you!! Best adventure EVER!!! Good luck!

  8. You are going to make such wonderful, loving parents with so much to give this lucky baby! Congratulations! What an adventure! :)

  9. I love you two, I can't think of better parents. That will be one very lucky, blessed baby!! xoxox!

  10. How exciting! Whoever lands up in your home is so lucky! You will be great- can't wait to hear how everything goes...

  11. The nursery is gorgeous! I am so glad you are doing this as there are so many babies n the US that need homes, rather than going outside the country because it would get more publicity or be easier. I am sure you will have one or more lovely babies soon!

  12. Gorgeous room!!! I love the way you guys decorated it! And kudos to you for going about adoption the way you are! I wish you much success and a quick trip through it all!

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  14. So well said. I know you will be an awesome mom! I am just thrilled to pieces for you Cathie, my life is completely different now that I'm a mom and I can't wait to hear of your adventures. XO Angela


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