Monday, September 10, 2012

Sew This: T-shirt Applique Apron!

 Sew This: T-shirt Applique Apron!

I needed a crafty uniform for an event we did last month so I decided to whip up an apron using my Mod Podge t-shirt and some fabrics.  BTW - the uniform was my idea....sometimes I get sick of packing new outfits. I traced an apron that I had for the pattern and got busy stitching!  I used lots of pom-pom trim and rickrac trim.  I think this concept would be pretty cute with old rock and roll tees or sports tees.

Instructions after the jump.....

 First, I placed my fabric on the fold.  I placed my apron on top of the folded fabric and traced around the apron with a chalk tracing wheel.

 Be sure to add seam allowance when tracing.

 Cut out along the chalked lines.

 Repeat for the lining.

 Next I added a strip of webbing that I embellished with rickrac trim to the center front to work as a neck strap. Working right-sides to right-sides, pin the apron fabric to the lining fabric around the outer edge.  Sew around the edge.  Be sure to leave a 7" opening in the seam for turning.

Next, I cut out the graphic from my Mod Podge t-shirt.  I folded over the edge and attached to teh front with pins.

 SEWING TIP!!!  If you are having trouble sewing over sticky iron-on graphics, silk screened images or transfers, place a strip of tissue paper over the image.  The presser foot will glide smoothly and your stitches won't get stuck.

 Next I added some trim around the applique.

 The finished upper section.

 Next, I hemmed some webbing to be the side ties.  I made mine extra long because I like to tie in the front.

 I pinned them to the sides of the apron and stitched them in place.

 I stitched some pom-pom trim to the apron.

 Next, I drafted a pocket shape. 

 I sewed a lining to the pocket.

 I stitched the pocket to the apron and added some rick-rac trim around the edges.

I added more trim to the hem!

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