Wednesday, September 26, 2012

DIY your own colored sugars for cookie decorating!

Making your own colored sugar is super easy! This sugar is perfect for sprinkling in cookies and cupcakes.  You can also use this sugar on the rim of a cocktail or mocktail.    We originally did this on season 1 of Creative Juice and since it was so popular then, we decided to bring it back!

What you need:
1-cup food white sugar
food coloring
cookie sheet
storeage jar or salt shaker

How To:
Add 1 cup of white sugar to a zip top baggie.  Add two drops of food coloring to the sugar.  Seal the baggie.  Work the sugar and coloring together until the two are combined. 

Pour the sugar onto a cookie sheet, spread and leave to dry for 1 hour.  Funnel into a salt shaker for sprinkling.  Store in a zip top baggie or sealed glass jar.

P.S. - They make great holiday gifts too!


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