Friday, May 18, 2012

Father's Day Crafts inspired by my Dad!

Get Nautical this Father's Day! We were channeling my dad when we designed our Father's Day projects for Plaid.

Dad loves fishing and boats!  As a kid, we would fish together at Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City. When I was little the lake seemed so huge... I laugh now because I can see across it.  Dad would pick up a six-pack of something for himself and a six-pack of mini apple juices for me.  We would sit on the end of the dock and fish to what seemed all hours of the night.  I have no idea what time it was...but it was dark....cause that was when the fish were active.  It's such a fond memory for me and I am so glad that he took the time to teach me to fish.

We also sailed together for two weeks in the Caribbean.  We dodged jelly fish, stolen dinghy boats and a beat down from the sun. Well dad didn't escape the the sun - he walked away with some pretty bad burns.

Here is dad this past fall.....look how grumpy he looks sitting behind his desk....I think he really wants to be on a boat! LOL.  Either that or he hates to get his picture taken.

If you have a look at the boat oar you will see the initials GB....that is for dad....Gary Bush.

Please visit this link to see all the project instructions!


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