Sunday, April 08, 2012

Make This: Modern Pebble Art with Mod Podge

 Modern Art with Mod Podge

Create a modern master piece with Mod Podge and aquarium pebbles.  To make the perfect circles....use embroidery hoops! so quick and easy.

This technique would be awesome for a table top too!

¼” thick plywood (cut to desired size)
¾ ” thick molding (enough to go around the plywood)
Miter box
Wood putty
Putty knife
Wood embroidery hoops (different sizes according to your design)
Small aquarium pebbles (different colors)
Natural pebbles
E6000 glue
Large amount of Mod-Podge
Craft paint
Finishing nails & hammer
Picture Hanger


1.Use a saw and miter box to cut mitered edges into the molding to create a frame for the plywood. Attach the molding to the outside edges of the plywood with finishing nails.

2.Fill any gaps between the plywood and frame with wood putty, using a putty knife. Apply a small amount of putty around the perimeter of the plywood where it meets the molding frame. Allow the putty to dry.

3.Paint the frame and paint the plywood interior a color that will match your rocks.

4.We will only be using the inside hoop of the embroidery hoop. Discard the hoop with the screw. Paint each of the hoops with craft paint (according to your desired design) and allow to dry.

5.Stagger the painted hoops on the plywood until you get a design you like. Use E6000 glue and glue them in place. You can cut the hoops with kitchen shears to remove a portion and create an interlocking effect with another hoop.

6.Fill the hoops with colored aquarium rocks. Fill in the rest of the plywood with the natural pebbles until the entire base of the plywood is filled in.

7.Pour decoupage medium over the entire surface of the artwork, spreading with a paintbrush. Brush the decoupage medium over the frame to give it a uniform sheen.

8.Allow the decoupage medium to dry flat for 2 weeks. Attach a picture hanger to the back and hang or use flat as table décor. If hanging on the wall, use an anchor to support the weight.


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    1. you are so welcome!! thanks for stopping by. Cathie

  2. This is one amazing creation! Stopped by from Tatertots and Jello! Thanks for hosting the giveaway over there!


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