Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Cereal Marshmallows

A few years back I tasted this candy that reminded me of Lucky Charms.  It was given to me for free with a purchase from one my favorite stores in Pasadena...Lula Mae.  I love that they tuck a candy or goodie in your bag.  Ever since, I have been obsessed trying figure out what candy it was.  I even called Lula Mae to ask.  They had no idea what I was talking about.  I check every candy store and never see anything close to it.  I have googled and no luck.  Well finally today, I figured it out! Cereal Marshmallows Now I can rest. LOL


  1. Never heard of it but I WANT some! :)

  2. janine6:02 PM

    Gads, I know what you mean about being on a mad hunt to find a favorite goodie. Years ago my grandma used to work at a store here in Detroit called Hudson's (which is now Macy's...ugh). But, she used to bring home these certain jelly beans that could only be found at Hudson's---but, what do I know---I was just a kid back then. But, I do know that once Hudson's was no longer the Hudson's I grew up with, gone were the best tasting jelly beans ever known on the planet---yeah, they were good. In fact, even my mom was just talking about them today. *sigh* Glad you can now rest after being able to hunt down your Cereal =)

  3. Just had to let you know that as SOON as I saw this post I immediately went & ordered some! LOL! Not only do I LOVE Lucky Charms & have been saying FOREVER now that they need to make a box of JUST the marshmallows (kind of like they make just the Crunch Berries from the Captain Crunch Crunch Berry cereal)but my brother in law is also a huge fan! Thanks for enabling me!

    Christine aka The Stampin' Ninja

  4. Thank you for finding this out.. I have been looking for years after I received some from of all places a Amish Store... Never seen it again.. You are the best...



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