Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another Milestone: grieving

Today we donated my father-in-laws 1988 Cadillac to cars for causes.  He passed away two years ago and we had a hard time parting with the car.  He was on a restricted license due to his age - but he still drove himself to English class and to the community center every week.  He loved that car.

The car was fun to drive around. Driving her was like sailing on cement.  No doubt she was old....and she had a few problems. Like a failing AC and a crap radio.  We never let her bleed our wallets but we did extend her life with a few trips to our favorite mechanic.  

We knew this day was coming......

The old Caddie didn't pass smog and the tags expired yesterday. We made the swift decision to donate it and now 10 hours later...she is gone.

 We clipped the hood ornament and took her for one last spin.

We took turns driving through Griffith Park and went to Pop's final resting place at Forest Lawn Hollywood.

It was hard going through the trunk....we still had all of pop's fishing gear in the back. I found a rhinestone elephant in the glove box, a rosary, an evil eye and a book of matches from a casino.

He loved that car.


  1. How wonderful your Pops was and how wonderful that you cared so much! Thank you for touching my heart!

  2. What an awesome blessing to some one special this will be. I completely understand the pain that goes with this. its like a part of him was with you.. hugs and I am praying for you for peace during this time. Even though its just a car.. it was your dad's and that represents alot. Hugs

  3. Thank you for sharing this. As the first anniversary of my mom approaches I find myself reliving many of the awful last moments we lived last year. It feels like my heart hasn't healed at all. Grief stinks,

    1. Thanks for sharing your story. It does get easier - but some days are still hard.

  4. My Dad passed away almost 6 years ago, and he loved his '88 Cadillac. It was loving (and jokingly)named the Pimp-mobile. I kept his licence plate, my sister kept the fedora he insisted he always wore while driving, and we gave the car to a young mechanic friend of the family, who would love it as he did. About 2 years ago my sister and I were driving together somewhere, and we saw the Pimp-mobile, and she was sure pretty! Your post brought tears to my eyes - thank you. I've been there - and I know the bitter-sweet it is.


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