Saturday, March 10, 2012

DIY: Doll Bed from a Breakfast Tray

Recycled Doll Bed - perfect for American Girl Dolls

Yep.....this little dolly bed is made from breakfast tray that was flipped upside down and transformed with just a few screws.  The linens and pillows are made from fleece and flannel and are no sew - just a drop or two of fabric glue is all we used.

breakfast tray with collapsible legs
wood glue
wood screws
4 wood balls or blocks (bed legs)
2" thick foam
1/2 yd. flannel sheeting
1/2 yd. polar fleece
2 empty 6-oz. gelatin boxes
Fabric-Tac glue
measuring tape
pinking/scalloping shears
craft paint (optional)


1. To make the head and foot board of the bed, flip the tray over and, using wood glue and screws, secure the legs in a locked open position. Let glue dry.

2. Using wood glue and a screw, add legs to the bed at the four corners and let dry. The bed legs are an opportunity to use your creativity: wooden blocks, drawer pulls, wood balls, etc., can be used -- just look for objects that match in size.

4. Using a kitchen knife, cut foam/mattress to fit base of tray.

5. Cut flannel 10" larger, length and width, than foam mattress measurements. Wrap foam, gift style, with flannel sheet and secure on the bottom with Fabri-Tac glue.

6. For the bedspread, cut fleece, adding 6" to width and 4" to length of mattress measurements. Trim edges with scallop shears.

7. For pillows, wrap two large, empty gelatin boxes with fun fur, leaving 1" on each end. Using Fabri-Tac glue, glue fur to boxes, tuck ends into box sides and secure with drops of glue. Fill boxes with crumpled scrap paper for additional strength.

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