Saturday, March 03, 2012

DIY: Altered Composition Notebook with Mod Podge

This is seriously easy and the design ideas are endless!   

One question I get all the time is what would be a good craft for a slumber party or a group of tweens......well I think this is perfect!  I see the comp style notebooks on sale all the time and you only need two sheet of scrapbook paper.  Of course you could also magazine clippings, old book pages, wrapping paper, etc.  The letter was made from a reclaimed cereal box!


  1. Oh yes! This is exactly the same which I want to try ASAP
    so nice! & the K is perfect for me :) hmmm because I Am Khadija :)
    thanks Cathie!

    1. How fun! They are super easy to make! Send pics if you make one. Have a great day, Cathie

  2. these are so neat. i bought 4 theme books for $1,covered 2 in scrapbook paper, 1 in tissue paper and pencils to match, and 1 in the body of a suede purse which was exactly the same size :) i used scraps of leather and velcro for closures on one. never really finished any of them, but they are for grandchildren to have personal journals. earlier i bought some, and covered one in kraft paper and vintage images and wrote craft ideas on the front, for myself. i put lots of rubber bands around it to hold it together, so i can use them to hold in magazine pics or whatever i put in there for inspiration. thank you for more ideas!


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