Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Test Drive: The Unibind Photobook Creator

What a fun day!  We got to take a test drive of the Unibind Photobook Creator with the fabulous Ken Oliver

You can create photo albums with printed photos or create art books/ altered books with scrapbook papers, recycled papers or canvas fabrics.

Enjoy the Test drive! XO Cathie


What a fun Play day!!!

First we explored the machine and the photobook blanks.  They have tons of styles and sizes.  They all come pretty simple and chic (perfect for my sister or for gift giving).  They are also ripe for altering.  Have a look at the design Ken made below.

Here is a sample of an altered cover.  Made by Ken Oliver.

First we glued decorative paper to the inside of the book.

{{Tip}} if you are using thick pages for the book, push the binding edge on a counter cabinet to loosen it.  You only need to do this when you have REALLY thick pages.

 Add you pages in your desired order into the binding edge of the book.

Plug in the machine and wait for the green light.  {{no on or off switch}}

Place the book into the Photobook Creator and wait for the light to turn red.  This takes just a few moments.  Leave the book in the machine, unplug the machine and allow the book to cool in the machine for 60 seconds.

WOW! The book pages are secure!!  I can see a gazillion ideas for this Photobook Creator.

Thanks for stopping by and learning about this cool new machine.  If you want to learn more... please visit Ken's blog or the Unibind website.



  1. My birthday is on Sunday.......LOL. Looks really cool.

  2. i won one these cool machines from and i love it. im not sure what im going to do with it yet. i really love the cover to the album above. great job.


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