Friday, February 24, 2012

The Filian Family: Nursery Art

Elephant Art
I broke down and bought some art for the Lil' Filian's nursery.  I really had no choice when I saw this print on etsy.  It featured the most up-turned trunk on an elephant (love) and I was able to customize with any word we wanted.  Since we don't know if we will be adopting a boy or a girl - we decided to use our last name.  BTW Filian means elephant.

Print is by delivered by danielle at Etsy


  1. CONGRATES!!!! you will be the best mom omg I'm so excited for you guys

  2. What language? :)

    I love it! Filian would make a beautiful first name too.

  3. It is an old world prefix. Turkish meets Armenian. It would be a good first name.

    1. Thank you!
      Now I know what Filian means! :)
      "ian" is usually a good clue that it just might be an Armenian last name. :)

  4. congratulations!! I love elephants and that one is a cute addition to any baby's room. Your baby will never have a dull day with you as mommy!!

  5. How did I miss this amazing news. The fact that you are adopting, not the the part about your name meaning elephant. Congrats to you guys. That will be one crafty kiddlet!

    1. Lol, Jennifer. Yes it is true. We are so thrilled. Xo


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