Thursday, February 09, 2012

DIY Valentine Gifts for GUYS: Moustach Mug, Cuff Links and More.

Handmade Valentine Gifts for Him!

I get a gazillion emails asking, "What can I make for a guy?" So this year, I decided to create some Valentine gift ideas for the boys, guys and men.  I know that making handmade gifts for guys can feel tricky or iffy but please trust me and know that they will love a handmade gift.  The first gift I ever gave my hubby was a handmade flannel quilt and we still have it and he still cherishes it.


  1. Thanks, Cathie! These are great ideas! I especially like the Ticket Votive Holder. Will definitely make one.

    1. Thanks, April! Happy Valentine's Day. Have a great day. Hugs - Cathie


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