Tuesday, January 10, 2012

101 Tees: DIY your own team shirt..... OKC Thunder Pride

 Crafty Girl goes Sporty!

I grew up in a sports family.....games and playoffs were always a part of our family rituals.   College football and The Yankees were generally top dog when it came to our cheering habits.  When I was little, it was Boomer Sooner, when I was in school, it was The Buckeyes and when I lived in NYC, it was the Yankees.

Now that I am a "grown up" married gal (to a husband who is a sports nut) it seems like we are cheering on a different team in a different sport everyday.  Our latest team love is the OKC Thunder.  You would think that the Lakers would rein supreme in our house since we live in LA, but they don't.

It is all about the Thunder.... 

 back of tee - #35 for Kevin Durant
Let's Get Designing

Print a team logo and player number onto printable fabric transfer paper.

Remember to flip the images before printing.

Following the transfer instructions, iron the image to light colored fabric.  I like to use knit fabric.

Once it is cool, lift the paper to reveal the design.

Turn the t-shirt inside out and position the numbers in the top center back of the t-shirt.

Sew around the image with embroidery floss using a running stitch.

Completed stitches. 

Flip the tee inside out and cut around the image removing the "blue" t-shirt material.  This will reveal the design. 

Attach the second image to t-shirt material.

Position the logo in your desired position.  For this tee, I position it over the upper chest area.  Using embroidery floss and a split stitch sew around the logo.  Trim around logo as close to the stitches as possible.

Detail View.

Add decorative free form stitches to the collar edge.

Glue gems to the tee.


  1. Kaydee N.9:02 AM

    I love this!!! and I love that you support the THUNDER!!!!!! yay for OKC!


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