Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mom is coming for the holidays.

Things are about to get NUTTY in the Filian House!

We are just an hour away from picking up my Mom and Step-dad at LAX.  They are spending a week with us for Christmas!  WOO HOO!  This will be Bill's first time to see our new house other than in pictures.

I expect lots of eating, drinking, cooking, laughing, crafting, sightseeing and goofing off.

Merry Christmas.....XO cathie

P.S. Mom is bringing with her a stack of my late Grandmother's recipes with her hand written notes. Mom and I are going to be making her Cinnamon rolls (this was actually my great-great grandmother's recipe), biscuits and a cake that was marked "for special occasions".  I'll be blogging the all of them so you can make them too.  

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  1. Save some rolls for the week after next!


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