Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Don't be found.

Are you missing someone who chooses to be lost?
Has someone you cherish...chosen to be gone?
Are you tired of searching and not willing to give up yet?

 {{I hear you....we hear you}}

This time of the year can be incredibly hard.  Eddie and I have a missing loved one and it hurts. 

It sucks.

We will continue our quest.


  1. :( I'm sorry Cathie. This year has been a rough one for so many close to me. To many people leaving the earthly plane, some had lived long and rich lives, another couple just a mere 30 and 34 years. Others had cut out loved ones because they couldn't let go of anger. The saddest is missing those lost into chemical dependency. It does make this season incredibly difficult, impossible for some. This season is magical in that most of the civilized world believes in peace, love, good-will towards man. I will believe in that for whomever you are missing. Hang in there:))


  2. Cathie, thanks for baring your heart to your readers. I know that as crafters we keep it light and glittery and all, and our purpose is to breath some beauty and life into everyday things. But rickrack and modpodge can never be beautiful until it is touched, tied and glued. It takes a good spirit. I have no doubt that this person that has made a life choice will deep down always know that your loyalty is there. Not everyone can deal with healthy support with bounderies. Our job is to love and sometimes bless and release. Easier said than done. Sometimes it is so hard trying to make sense of the nonsensical. Hugs and deepest concern for going forward with your challenge. Hugs, TamiTruenorth

  3. Thanks for your words. They give me hope. :)

  4. janine2:19 AM

    Cathie...I hear ya. This Christmas was especially difficult for me as I spent time (like I always do) thinking about loved ones who are gone. There was a time in this house on Christmas Day that there would be 30 to 35 family members sharing in the love of the season and celebrating in the special meaning that only Christmas can bring. We are now down to 4 of us left and every year it just seems to get harder on me when the holidays roll around. Many hugs to you and your family and may God bless all that have moved on.

  5. Cathie

    Sending love and light and prayers...this is a terrible thing to endure. Sometimes words just don't suffice, so I'll offer a virtual hug and a strong shoulder you can lean on any time you need it.



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