Friday, December 09, 2011

DIY Lace Collar Necklaces

So sweet and chic.  This lace collar necklace is very simple to make and you will only need a few supplies.  The collar is from my supply shop.  (appliques and lace section) You can also find lace collars at fabric and sewing shops... or you can recycle one from a garment.

These collars look great with white tees, strapless dresses or under a suit jacket!

For this lace necklace...I used chain, jump-rings and a clasp. 

 I attached one jump-ring and one end of the chain to one side of the lace collar.  I attached one end of the clasp to the end of the chain.

I attached the other end of the clasp to the other side of the collar.

 This is the view across the back.  Simple and chic.

Enjoy! XO


  1. Amy - From Facebook!12:23 AM

    Cathie - are you dying these collars? Or buying them in those colors?

  2. I have dyed the collars and they turn out amazing. The one in the pic comes in silver.

  3. Amy - From Facebook!4:12 PM

    Thanks! :) I have an outift that could use such a "collar treatment" lol - I am working on other Cathie and Steve crafts for Christmas today. Second coating of Mod Podge on some earrings and going to make a photo necklace same way in your jewelry tutorials! :) LOVE your ideas!

  4. i love this lace necklace!


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