Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Countdown to Thanksgiving is on...and for those of us who are hosting that means clean, shop, prep, cook and prepare!  I am busy getting the house ready and the pantry stocked. After Thanksgiving, Steve and I are flying to Dallas to appear live at for Cyber Monday!  It is gonna be a quick November.  Thankful for family, friends and health.

Happy November....xoxoxo~

p.s..... What are YOUR Plans???  Leave a comment to share the holiday spirit.


  1. Hi Cathie,
    I'm just not there yet...and yes, the event is upon us! My daughter works for Michael's in the corporate office. Are you going to be meeting with Joann and her team? She's a very dear friend.

    You should give me a call...we could try to meet for coffee or something!


  2. How Fun! I think we are going to corporate...but I also heard it could be an in-store event. I am almost all prepped and ready!

    As soon as I have more details... I'll be posting and hopefully we can all meet up!

    XO Cathie


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