Thursday, October 13, 2011

NBC Parks and Recreations gets crafty tonight...Hot Glue Gun Helpers made the CUT!

Steve and I had so much fun crafting the set decorations for tonight's episode of  Parks and Recreations (which is one of my favorite TV shows).  They needed camp crafts as per the script and that is what we delivered.  We worked with the production design team to make their vision come to life.  Have a sneak look at the set here.....and tune in tonight.  We were also thrilled that the decorator used our Hot Glue Gun Helpers as a part of the set design.

PS.  Word on the set is that Amy Poehler loved the crafts!!!  

Click to view the picture full frame.

 We made dish bottle dolls, posters, banners, pine cone butterflies, paper chains, tag banners, bean plates, cozy cups, foam hats, coffee filter flowers, painted frames and nature mobiles.

Hot Glue Gun Helpers made the cut!  The set is sprinkled with our tools!  YEA! 
Look for our HOT PINK Craft Mats!!


  1. Anonymous10:11 AM

    I love that show! This is so neat. I will watch tonight.

  2. I'll be at a 4H meeting, but set my TiVo!


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