Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Boxes got Crushed! Spirit Still HIGH!

New DaTe for HSN!!!!
September 26th
times to be announced

If you follow me on facebook or twitter you may have seen the many stomping-foot/sad-face posts about the "crushed boxes nightmare" from yesterday.   The teeter-totter roller-coaster of selling at Home Shopping Networks is always an adventure, amazingly fun, exhausting and never the same set of circumstances twice.

Basically.....the product boxes for Hot Glue Gun Helpers were damaged in shipping and we didn't have enough time to get them switched before going live at HSN so the shows had to get pushed till September.  Thankfully, it was only the boxes and the product was perfectly fine.....oh and thankfully I found out at 12:45am before taking my 4:00am car to the airport!  Ouch - that would have been salt on a wound. 

I worked my tail off getting ready to go out of town and then found myself without a trip, tried from not sleeping and hungry.  So hubby and I played hookie.  We went to Home Goods to look at sheets and I wound up getting some awesome vintage-style Halloween blocks.  (I'm going to be tricking them out...I'll blog it) Then we popped over to Frida at The Americana and had lunch with my mom-in-law and then we lazied about the afternoon.

Knowing it all happens for a reason!

The good news is that the contest is still on!!!!  If you have not entered...pop over to this link to enter.


  1. You made lemonade out of lemons... good deal!

  2. OUch! I missed the box fiasco, but so glad you found out BEFORE getting on that plane!!!!!! Sounds like the universe decided you need a date day with the Hubby more than going to HSN.


  3. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Good thing you found out before all the travel - but still a bummer. Oh hey - I just noticed, my blogpost with a picture of you, me and steve at CHA is showing up in your BlogHer sidebar... HA!

  4. Sorry that the items got damage, but glad you found out before leaving for HSN. I am also glad the product is not damage.

    Hang in there Cathie. Love your show and your blog too.



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