Monday, May 02, 2011

Party Time: DIY Resin Coasters

Recycled Jar Lid Coasters

I have been on such a coaster kick lately...... and I have a c%$# load of lids and jars for recycling.  I just cleaned out my fridge and BOY oh BOY did it need it.  I found laughable items stocked away....

Here is what you need:
Metal jar lids—pickle jar lids work well
Fun images
Glue stick
Loose glitter and/or glitter paint
Rhinestones and/or sequins
Castin’ Craft Clear Liquid Plastic Casting Resin
Resin catalyst
Face mask
Disposable gloves
Disposable plastic container
Disposable mixing stick or spoon
Felt or cork
Tacky glue

Here is how you do it:
1. Print a fun image with a computer or cut one from a magazine. Glue the image to the inside of a clean metal jar lid with a glue stick.

2. Gluing glitter, rhinestones, sequins, etc. to the image in the lid. Allow the glue to completely dry.

3. Read all of the instructions on the resin and catalyst before mixing. Wearing a mask, gloves and working a well-ventilated area, mix the resin and catalyst in a disposable plastic container following the manufacturer’s instructions and mixing ratios. Allow the resin to cure for two days before touching to prevent fingerprints. You can place an upside-down box over the lids as they cure to keep out dust.

4. Once cured, glue a piece of felt or cork to the back of the lid with Tacky glue to protect your table.


  1. Great idea! I reposted it on the ETI Resin Crafts Blog!!/pages/ETI-Envirotex-Lite-and-Resin-Crafts/126097410802228?sk=wall

  2. Fabulous Idea Cathie!!! TFS ♥ I really appreciate your Creativity!!! You never cease to amaze me ;)

  3. Great idea. I'm bookmarking this to try this summer. Thanks!

  4. thanks for the tip to use a box for protection - this project is great and simple!!


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