Sunday, January 02, 2011

Window Do-Over: Faux Stained Glass

Window Do-Over: Faux Stained Glass

Give old windows a beautiful new feel with an easy technique that adds color, shape, and style.  The faux stained glass look is achieved with Gallery Glass.

2 Eyehooks
Old framed window
Wood filler (optional)
Sand paper (optional)
Semi gloss latex paint (optional)
Decorative chain
Needle nose pliers
Glass cleaner
Redi Lead – Instant Lead lines by Plaid
Craft knife
Liquid leading
Three or more colors of Gallery Glass by Plaid
Craft paper
Low-tack painters’ tape

1. Clean window with glass cleaner before starting project.  If desired, you can clean up and change the color of the window frame by filling in any cracks in the frame with wood filler, and sanding and painting it.

2. Draw your desired design on craft paper the size of the old window. We drew a freeform windowpane design. Straight lines are the easiest to accomplish.

3. Tape the design template to the backside of the window so that the design shows through to the front.

5. Peel adhesive Redi-lead lines from the backing sheet. Position over the template lines, being sure not to stretch the lead as you go. Press against the surface to secure in place. Trim intersecting lines with a craft knife. Do not overlap lines.

6. Painting: Using the tip of the Gallery Glass bottle, gently squeeze paint around the inside of the perimeter of the leaded design; filling as high as the leaded line, and then fill in the center.

(Use a toothpick to pop any air bubbles that may appear.)

7. Let dry 8 hours. This is for decorative purposed only and should not be used for exterior windows.

8. Screw two eyehooks into the top of the window frame, approximately 2” from the side edge and attach a chain to the eyehooks to hang the window.

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