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Kids Craft: Table Top Turkeys!

Kids Craft: Table Top Turkeys!
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Kids love Thanksgiving! The mini break from school, the home cooking, holiday movies, backyard games and of course crafting for the season are all experiences that kids of all ages enjoy.

Let's Make Turkeys!

When I stumbled upon plain wood turkeys in the dollar bin at Jo Ann Fabrics, I knew they would make a perfect kids craft. For these little gobble-gobble pals I used just 1 bottle of Folkart paint, fall printed papers and some Mod Podge.

Materials Needed:
Kids wood turkey from Jo Ann Fabrics
FolkArt Acrylic Paint - Autumn Leaves
Foam paintbrush
Scrapbook paper in fall colors and prints
Mod Podge - Matte
1.5” wood disk
Small buttons
Silk leaves
Hot glue and glue gun or craft glue

1. Paint the entire turkey and wood disk with Autumn Leaves FolkArt paint. Use two coats and allow to dry.

2. Cut three leaf shapes from one print and two leaf shapes from another print. Coat both sides of the leaf shapes with Mod Podge, position on the wood turkey and topcoat with more Mod Podge. Use your fingers to press out any air bubbles. Smooth your brush strokes. Continue until all the leaves are attached.

3. Cut or punch an oval shape and a circle to fit the wood disk. Attach the oval over the tips of the leaves and the circle to the disk using Mod Podge.

4. Hot glue (parents help) the disk to the center of the turkey. Cut a plume, snood and beak from scrapbook paper and hot glue to the disk. Add two button eyes.

5. Hot glue (parents help) silk leaves to the back of the turkey so they face forward.


  1. Kids craft?? No kids in my house so I'm going to make these to decorate the tables when we go to dinner at the cousins....they're adorable!

  2. LOl - no kids here either! Can you believe the base is only a buck Jo Anns. Send pics!!


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