Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Make it For Dad!

Make it for DAD! June 20th is Father's DAy!

Forget about "gone fishing" signs and "golf anyone" trinket boxes. Grab some fabric paints, freezer paper, iron-ons and get creative making one-of-a-kind fashions for your pop, pal or hubby.

Make this easy reverse applique design with a faded eagle iron-on and some iron-on studs. For complete instructions visit my page at Plaid!

For this design I attached a flocked skull iron-on to a grey satin tie. I positioned the tie at a slight angle for a little interest. Visit my page at Plaid Online for all the skinny.

Hammer slinging Dads will love this design! All you need is a bottle Folkart fabric paint and a funky plaid tie. For this design I used the freezer paper stencil technique. For complete instructions visit my project page at plaid.

click to download

Trophy Dad

For this design, I used the same painting technique as in the D.I.Y. Dad tie and I added some iron-on studs.

Click to download

Stenciled and Stitched for Dad

Go free form with this design. Overlap large and small stencils and paint with different colors of Folkart fabric paint. After the paint dries, sew random stitches over the entire design. For step-by-step instructions visit my project page at Plaid.


  1. How cool! Thanks! :)

  2. Love these ideas. Especially the last one!

  3. I love the last one also Tiff!..It's like the dress that I gave to my boyfriend on his birthday!...

  4. I love the hammer one. To each his own! I'm off to check out the directions. Thank you, Cathie.


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