Friday, February 05, 2010

I need Help from Crafty Peeps!!! Please!

Hi Crafty Friends

Plaid is doing a little research for our new product line of Hot Glue Tools and I was hoping that you would not mind taking a few moments out of your day to take this survey.

We have a quick video that explains all the tools. You can view the video here at youtube or above: If you like the video and tools please feel free to leave comments at youtube.

And this is the survey being done by Plaid:


Cathie and Steve


  1. Hey, I answered!!! And, I will send it to some friends, too!

  2. That looks very cool, I'm tired of burning my fingers!!! I think that kit will be on my b-day wish list.

  3. I watched the video and did the survey. First of all...I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!! I watch you every time you guys are on TV and I am soooooo happy to find your blog..woohoo...and now about the new products...AWESOME!!!! As soon as you guys have it in the store I'm buying the kit. I LOVE IT. I am such a fan of both of you!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you both and your creative juice!!!

  4. Oh wow I love it!!! I already know I need the entire line, you guys addressed the exact kind of problems I am having. I'm looking forward to no more burned fingers.

  5. I took the poll and posted your video on my blog. I hope you get some good feedback. This set looks way cool!

  6. Oh, this is AWESOME - I am going to love this. I don't do much hot gluing anymore because I have always burnt my fingers, well, not anymore :) I am so excited about this and can't wait until they come out so I can get one.

  7. I'm excited about the hot glue gun tools!!! (I wore blisters on my hand to my wedding cause of a run in with the hot glue gun!)

  8. Loved the video. Now I'm off to take the survey.

    As you showed each tool, I was thinking I might or might not buy that individually, but I would buy them all if they came in a kit.

    Great minds think alike ;-)

  9. Sherb1:05 PM

    Where can I find the hot glue tools? I have to have it..I know I'm going to love it ....Thank you
    Steve and Cathie you are both have super ideas..
    Happy Crafting ..


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