Monday, December 14, 2009

make it: sparkle papier-mâché deer

make it: sparkle papier-mâché deer

Add a little shine and sparkle to a kraft papier-mâché deer. This is project is so easy and the results are stunning. I used peach tissue paper - but of course you could use any color you desired. I added a few holiday picks and a ribbon around the neck for a little embellishment.

FolkArt Extreme Glitter™ - Gold 2771
Mod Podge - Gloss CS11201
Mod Podge - Glitter - Hologram Gold CS11275
Papier-mâché deer
Foam paintbrushes
Peach tissue paper
Floral picks
Hot glue

1. Cut the tissue paper into small random shaped squares. Apply the squares to the deer with Mod Podge. Topcoat with a layer of Mod Podge. Add additional layers of tissue. Allow for dry time between layers.

2. To-coat the deer with a layer of glitter Mod Podge. Allow to dry. Add 3 coats of Gold Extreme Glitter to the deer. Apply the gold randomly. Add more in some areas and less in others.

3. Hot glue a ribbon bow and floral pick to the neck of the deer.


  1. Love this project. Do you know where I can find this particular deer?

  2. haha I was not aware that a product called Extreme Glitter existed! I am sure my hubby will be so thrilled to hear of my new discovery...
    going to try this project later this week. thank you!

  3. Love Cath! Looks awesome -

  4. it sure looks very easy to do and will surely help me to save a couple of amount and have a very beautful decoration fot this season... thanks for givng me the idea and providing the stpes on making it... I will definitely do that. thank you so much...


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