Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day Trip to Big Bear


Today, Eddie and I took a day trip to Big Bear, CA to see snow, take a break and unwind in some fresh mountain air. We had a blast...even without skiing. It was a short trip ~ but so worth it!

On the road.

Eddie putting the snow chains on the tires.
They were mandatory - even with clear roads.

In the Village - ready for a bite to eat.

We always eat at this spot - Boo Bear Den

Lunchtime beers? This must be vacation!!!!
I love the bow sticking out of my hair.

Notice I framed the candy cane to be coming out of Eddie's head. hehe

Ornament Fun!

Yummy Candy Store! They had black and white packaged Charleston Chews??? What are those. One of my favorite candy bars.

I was excited to see a fun craft shop with kids craft classes!!

They have Plaid baby iron-ons that I used in my latest book 101 Snappy Fashions! YEA!

And... Craft Books!


Lots of Goodies.

Lots of SNOW!!!! so pretty.

The skiing for me today. Filming in January and I can't risk bumps, bruises or broken anything.

Time to go home.

Bye Bye

Hello LA


  1. Looks like you both had a great time. My husband and I are originally from NY (my husband from upstate and I'm from Brooklyn). We are missing the snow.
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and we wish you and your family a Happy & Healthy New Year.
    Alisha :-)

  2. How awesome for you guys! This post was such a treat for me because my husband and I live just 30 short minutes down the mountain from Big Bear! We love to stop at Boo Bears as well...they have the best burgers. Thanks for highlighting some of our favorite places and glad you and your honey had a great time! :)

  3. Thanks for the pictures--I grew up in N. Cali and went to Big Bear many times. Happy New Year!

  4. Wow I call that wonderful!!! Oh yes...the car is nice too!
    I calls um' as I see's um' LOL


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