Friday, November 06, 2009

make it: recycled eyeglass pins

Eyeglass Pins with Mod Podge

This project is best done with eyeglasses that broken and not suitable for donation. If you have glasses that are still good they can be donated to a variety of places. Try charity guide for places that can use old prescription eyeglasses.

Old pair of eyeglasses – not bifolcals
Color copied image smaller than eyeglass lens (usually about 1 x 1 1/2 inches)
Mod Podge
Pin back
FolkArt craft paint- in your color of choice
E6000 glue
Decorative trim
Tacky glue

1. Remove the glass lenses from the eyeglasses

2. Trim around the image and use mod podge to adhere the image to the back of the eyeglass so that the image shows through the front. The mod podge will dry clear. Allow to dry.

3. Paint several coats of craft paint, allowing each coat of paint to dry before applying the next, on the back of the image and glass. The paint should be opaque in appearance.

4. Cut the decorative trim to fit around the edge of the glass lens. Using Tacky glue, adhere the trim around the edge.

5. Use E6000 to attach the pin back and allow to dry.


  1. What a great idea!, thank you!

  2. Love that! Sometimes you can even get those cheap readers from the drugstore for nothing. . . then, two pins :D

  3. Cathie....lenstastic idea. Being a "Resyculbinz" artist myself...I love seeing items repurposed. This is a great one!!!

  4. What a GREAT idea & it might even work as a brooch or pendent! I have plenty of old glasses and the thrift store always has a big box of them on the shelf for cheap! Thanks for the idea


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