Saturday, December 03, 2011

Christmas Craft: Easy Tree Craft for Kids

Tissue Paper & Yarn Christmas Trees

Designed for Plaid!

This project is perfect for kids of all ages and a great way to use up scraps of yarn and tissue paper. I used a combination of Mod Podge Gloss and Mod Podge Hologram Glitter to get the ultra shiny and glittery look.

For teachers or anyone wanting to make this in bulk, check out places like create for less for larger quantities of cones. If you have a local floral supply shop - try them too. I have also seen a few goodies at the dollar store that could be altered to do this technique. Use the instructions as a spring board for your imagination.

Materials Used:
Mod Podge Gloss
Mod Podge Glitter - Hologram Gold
3 Styrofoam cones – different sizes
Tissue paper – pink; pale green and turquoise
Yarn – raspberry, olive, dark turquoise
Wax paper

1. Cut the tissue paper into small random shaped squares. Apply the squares to the Styrofoam tree with Mod Podge. Topcoat with a layer of Mod Podge. Add additional layers of tissue. Allow for dry time between layers.

2. Cut the yarn into 3 to 5 feet long pieces. (Use more yarn for a fuller wrap and less yarn for an open look.) Pool some Mod Podge Glitter onto a piece of wax paper. Saturate the yarn in the Mod Podge Glitter. Wrap the wet yarn around the cones. Allow to dry.


  1. Found your post and blog very interesting and I did a blog watch on your blog here

    Keep writing. Love it very much

  2. Thanks so much! I appreciate it! I'll keep writing. :)


  3. Great idea! Super cute.
    There's a Christmas Advent Calendar that has great interactive games and activities for kids and the whole family.
    All games are printable and easy to be laminated and reused each season!
    see the calendar at:
    Some examples of games are:
    -chutes and ladders
    -coloring pages
    -word searches
    -ornament ideas and cut outs

  4. Love this idea! I have been looking for some great crafts to do with my girls and this is perfect! Thank you!

  5. Anonymous8:37 PM

    I stumble across this site only accidently. I am from Australia and watch 'creative juice' every weekday here!

    I'm looking forward to seeing all you super ideas!

  6. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Cathie, You are amazing! I've been watching Creative Juice for over 3 years now, and I've got to be one of your biggest fans! I love you and Steve & have learned so much. I have your book, and I've made so many things thanks to your teaching! Love you, Debbie

  7. Hi,

    Thanks for writing such a good article.


  8. Love it amazing! We're gonna use this for our craft inspiration for tonight! However, we're missing a few items so we will have to improvise


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