Friday, October 23, 2009

Whip Up this easy BAT necklace

Witch’s Bat Necklace

Plastic toy bat
Hole punch
17 black faceted round beads
7 black faceted teardrop beads
(7) 1 ½” silver head pins
(4) 4mm jump rings
(1) 1cm jump ring
1 yard silk jewelry cord
4 silver cord tips
1 silver barrel clasp
Wire cutters
Round-nose pliers
Needle-nose pliers

1. With the hole punch, make one hole in the top of each bat wing, staying at least 3mm from the edge. Make another in the bottom center of the bat, and two more along each wing for total of seven holes.

2. Make four small bead dangles by threading one teardrop, then one round bead onto a headpin. Use wire cutters to trim excess pin, leaving 8mm to bend into an “eye” loop with the round-nose pliers.

3. Repeat step 2 to make 3 more bead dangles. These will be graduating lengths; adding three rounds beads to one, four round beads to the next and six to the last.

4. Attach each small bead pin with a 4mm jump ring to the four bat wing holes. Then attach the three graduating dangles to the bottom center of the bat with the 1 cm jump ring.

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