Sunday, October 03, 2010

Halloween Witch Crafts: Witch’s Brew and Funky Punch Bowl

Day 3 of 31...

Kid-Friendly Witch’s Brew and Funky Punch Bowl

Display Supplies:
Extra-large plastic bowl
Large glass bowl
Hot glue gun
Ball fringe trim
Jewel glue
Polymer clay
Baking sheet
Parchment paper
E6000 glue
Dry ice
Leather gloves

Punch Ingredients:
6 oz. packet of lime gelatin mix
1 qt. hot water
5 scoops lime sherbet
64 fl. oz. pineapple juice
4 liters ginger ale
Canned lychee

1. Hot glue ball fringe trim around the outer rim of the plastic bowl. Glue rhinestones to the trim with jewel glue. Allow to dry.

2. Make a witch’s head out of polymer clay. Carve out a hole in the bottom of the head to accommodate the tip of the ladle’s handle. Bake the head according to the clay package instructions. Allow to cool. Glue the head to the ladle handle with E6000 glue. Allow to dry.

3. Place the large glass bowl inside of the extra-large plastic bowl.

Making the punch: Dissolve 6 ounces of lime gelatin mix in 1 quart of hot water. Allow this mixture to cool. Place five scoops of lime sherbet in a bowl and allow to melt. In the glass bowl, combine the gelatin mixture with 64 fluid ounces of pineapple juice. Slowly add 4 liters of ginger ale. (You can adjust the amount of ginger ale or pineapple juice depending on how much liquid your glass bowl can accommodate.) Just before serving, pour the melted lime sherbet into the punch to form a frothy green layer on top.

Dry Ice: Wearing leather gloves, place chunks of dry ice in the extra-large plastic bowl. Pour hot water over the dry ice to make it smoke and bubble. Add water periodically to keep the dry ice effect going.

Tear the edges of paper cups and then layer them for a funky look!

For an “eyeball” garnish, place a blueberry or cherry in the cavity of each of your canned lychees. Cut a slit in the bottom of the eyeball and place on the rim of each drinking cup.


  1. Love the polymer clay witch's head ladle handle!

    I'm thinking - why not cute cheese spreader knives for all the holidays? Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Just found you on OPT. Love your site! You do some amazing work. And I love your hair too!


  3. Thanks, Leslie! Peek around I have lots of projects and recipes. Happy Halloween! :)


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