Saturday, October 17, 2009

Film Years: Rushmore

Here are a few pics from my past. For those of you who don't know, I was a costumer for film for 10 years. I was so lucky to work on a great film called Rushmore. The cast was so fun and the crew was awesome. This was my second film with director Wes Anderson. (Bottle Rocket was my first)

I hope you enjoy a peek at my behind the the scenes.....

The front gates of Rushmore School (actually St. Johns)

Getting Jason Schwartzman costumed for the plane scene.

Looking Sharp!

Jason and Wes Anderson work out the details.

Jason all settled into the plane.

Me and Prop Master Melissa Matthies

The Heaven and Hell Set

Heaven and Hell Stage Set

Ice skating & go kart races on the weekends!

Yoga with Bill Murry

Goofing off on the truck.

Getting Mason into his nun costume.

After hours beers and pool.

Jason and Andrew perform at the wrap party.

Its a wrap!


  1. Awesome..what fun... you are so it..

  2. I always thought you were super cool, but now my partner, who llllooooooves Rushmore, also does.

  3. That is so cool. I loved Bottle Rocket AND Rushmore!


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