Thursday, September 10, 2009

Shake It: Etched Bar Glasses

Shake it: Etched Bar Glasses
From Creative Juice - episode 113

bar glass
letter stickers
glass etching cream
rubber gloves

1.Decide on a design plan. Cut around the letter stickers of your choice, leaving a space around the edge of the letter. Optional: If you want to use your own design, you can cut out a design from heavy duty shelf paper.

2. Clean and dry glass thoroughly.

3. Making a stencil from the cut letter: Peel the letter from the cut piece and discard it.Make sure you keep any “inserts” from the letters (like the inside of an O).This will be the stencil.

4. Apply the stencil and any letter “inserts” to the glass. You can line them up straight or go for a more whimsical look by applying them randomly. You can use a piece of tape to help you line them up straight. Burnish the stencil into the glass using your fingers.

5. Applying the etching cream: While wearing rubber gloves and working on a protected surface open the etching cream. Using a paintbrush, liberally apply the etching cream inside the stencils. Remember that wherever the cream touches the glass will etch, so be careful not to go over the stencil.

6. Wait 5 minutes for the etching cream to react to the glass. Wearing rubber gloves, wash the etching cream off the glass and pull off the stickers.

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  1. Very neat! I might have to blog about this one! And Ooh I like the new header!


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