Friday, September 11, 2009

Make it: Kids Hoodie Towel Wrap

This soft, cuddly, kids towel wrap is perfect for after the bath. Kids will the hoodie with ears. You can use bright colored towels or go wild with animal print towels.

1 extra large bath towel –animal print
2 washcloths towel – tan color
Sewing machine
Upholstery weight needle
Matching thread
Sewing pins
Felt squares – tan
Hand Sewing Needle


Pin the two washcloths together on two sides so that the pins form an L-shape. Sew along the pined edges approximately 1/2" from edge using an upholstery weight needle. Lengthen the stitch length if it is difficult to get through the thickness.

Lay the large bath towel on the work surface and mark the center of one long edge of the bath towel with a pin. Working with right sides to right sides, align the stitched seam of the hood with the center of the towel and pin in place along the edge. Stitch the hood to the towel approximately 1/2" from the edge.

Add ears by cutting 2 triangle shapes from bits of felt and hand whipstitch the ears to the towel on both the right and left side of the center seam on the hood portion of the towel wrap.


  1. Such a cute, easy gift idea! Is regular craft felt machine washable?

  2. yes, washing is no problem. Generally craft felt is polyester.

  3. Anonymous4:56 PM

    i like it you are very creative


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