Friday, September 11, 2009

Make it: Gold Leaf Chocolates and Fruits

Make it: Gold Leaf Chocolates and Fruits

These incredible, edible treasures are a cinch to make and taste like a million bucks. Make sure you use edible gold leaf!


Edible gold leaf sheets
Vinyl or latex gloves
Small paintbrush
Pears, plums, grapes, strawberries, etc.
Strips of gold tissue paper (approximately ½ sheet)

Materials for Gift Wrapping:
20” square of clear cello
Pear stamp
Stamp pad
Hole punch
Embossing powder (optional)
Embossing gun (optional)


1. Cut the gold sheets into small squares (about 2x2”). Wearing vinyl or latex gloves, place a square—gold side down—on a piece of chocolate. Use the bristle end of the small paintbrush to burnish the tissue side of the gold leaf square. This technique will press the gold onto the chocolate.

2. To apply the gold to a pear or other fruit, use the same technique as for the chocolate, but use the other side of the paintbrush to burnish the gold sheet onto the fruit. Press any loose flakes down. Highlight small areas of the fruit with smatterings of gold. Citrus fruits do not work well with gold because of the high oil content in their skins.

3. To create a cushion for the pear, fold the gold tissue strip in half and then fold 1” accordion pleats into the paper, lengthwise. Place the pear on one end, and roll the pear, wrapping with paper. Gather the extra paper at the bottom of the pear.

4. Place the wrapped pear in the center of the square of cello. Gather the cello around the pear and tie with a ribbon.

5. Emboss or stamp a pear onto a piece of cardstock. Cut out along the outer edge of the pear shape, punch a hole in the top and tie the pear shape with ribbon as a gift tag for the golden pear.

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