Sunday, July 03, 2011

make it: 4th of July Table Runner w/ recycled jeans

Recycled Denim - 4th of July Table Runner

In under 2 hours you can whip up this project! All you need is some scraps of red, white & blue fabric, old pair of jeans, some folk art fabric paint and a sewing machine. This is an easy breezy quilting project that is perfect for beginners.

The table runner can be customized to any table size and with different fabric choices, this project could be for any holiday or everyday.

FolkArt Fabric Paint - Brush On - Pearl White
Star foam stamp
Foam paintbrush
Denim Jeans
Various Red White & Blue printed fabrics (at least 18" wide)


1. Cut the leg portion off a pair of jeans. Slice up the side seam and place the leg flat. Use a ruler to square the leg to 18" on one side. The other side can be as long as you wish. For the design I made, the leg piece measured 18" x 18".

2. Apply the fabric paint to the foam stamp with a foam paintbrush and stamp all over the denim. Reload with paint as needed. Allow the paint to dry and heat set with an iron.

3. Cut the printed fabrics into strips that are 18 wide and as long as you wish. For added interest, make each piece a different length.

4. Sew the printed pieces and the painted denim together to form a long strip. You will be sewing them right-sides to right-sides.

5. Press the seams flat.

6. Continue sewing until you have formed a piece that is 18" wide and as long as you wish.

Sew a backer for the runner in the same fashion as step 2. Next, place the backer piece (right side down) on top of the runner. Sew around the edge leaving a small opening for turning. Trim the corners on an angle. Turn the runner right side out and press. Topstitch around the outer edge.


  1. Ditto to Jessica's comment!

    What a great and easy way to use up some of my fabric remnants. Thanks!

  2. That's is just so cute, and I love the blue fabric with the flowers.

  3. Sherri7:09 PM

    Love it... I am going to go dig through my drawers to find an old pair of jeans right now! :-)


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