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Make It: Hydrangea and Lime Green Rose Arrangement.

Make It: Hydrangea and Rose Arrangement

Lime green and purple are a favorite color combo of mine and when those colors are found in nature it is even better!

Be sure to cauterize the hydrangeas before arranging. (step 2) Heating the end prevents sap from seeping into the water and causing bacteria growth.


long-stemmed roses
2-3 hydrangea heads
urn-shaped container
wet-type floral foam (such as Oasis)
lemon-lime soda
pruning shears
matches and candle/lighter

1. Wash and dry an urn. Drop floral foam into the urn and fill with water. Pour 1/4 can of lemon-lime soda into the water.

2. To cauterize the hydrangeas, use pruning shears to cut the stems, on a 45-degree angle, to the appropriate length. Use a candle flame or a lighter to burn the stem ends. Alternatively, place the stem ends in boiling water for 10 seconds. Heating prevents sap from seeping into the water and causing bacteria growth.

3. Remove any leaves that will fall below the top of the urn or come in contact with water. Insert the stems into the foam, arranging to fill the space.

4. Cut 6 roses at a length to sit just above the top of the urn. Cut underwater at a 45-degree angle to prevent air pockets from forming in the cells of the stems . Leave the thorns on the roses but remove the leaves and outer petals of each rose. Be careful to not touch the other petals, as skin oils can cause them to turn brown.

5. Insert 6 evenly spaced roses along the base of the urn.

6. Cut 5 roses, all approximately 2" longer than the first set of roses. Remove leaves and outer petals; insert the roses to form a dome-shaped arrangement.

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