Thursday, March 19, 2009

Make It: Altered Lockets

Make It: Altered Lockets

This little locket was made by re-crafting and old necklace I had. I have a jumbo baggie of old jewelry that is just waiting to be whipped into something new. To get the glassy finish I used Dimensional Magic. This project we designed for Plaid.


Mod Podge – matte
Mod Podge – gold glitter
Foam paintbrush
Detail paintbrush
Dimensional magic
Small scraps of paper
Gem glue

How To:

1. Begin by cutting a background paper that will fit the front of the locket. Attach the paper by applying a generous coat of Mod Podge to the back and front side of the paper. Position on the locket and use your fingers to press the paper around the curves of the locket. Don’t worry about crease lines.

2. Next add a smaller decorative image to the center of the locket using Mod Podge. Allow to dry.

3. Glue a boarder of rhinestones around the smaller image or in your desired pattern.

4. Using a detail brush, add a few clumps of the glitter Mod Podge to the edges to add highlights and depth. Allow to dry.

5. Squirt a small amount of dimensional magic on the smaller image. Use a detail brush to spread the dimensional magic in an even coat over the entire image. Allow to dry and attach to any necklace.


  1. I love this project idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Posted it on my blog, girlfriend. I love it!


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