Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Emmy Trip to NYC: Arrivals

So excited to be at The Emmys in NYC!

Steve and his sister Lisa looking stunning.

Greg Byers and Jennifer Ballinger
(Greg is my partner and was nominated for Outstanding Lifestyle Director)

Andy Firchau and Melissa Wu (Andy has been with us since day 1 of Creative Juice)

Jack Hanna - looking very dapper!
(I was especially smitten because I went to Ohio State)

Oh what a setting - it took my breath away.
(The view is of Columbus Circle & Central Park)

Semi-Emmy-Made with the fabulous Sandra Lee.

Elmo Rules!

I can't believe I got to plant a kiss on Oscar!
(Don't get jealous Eddie)

Nothing grouchy here!

Looking beautiful and ready to go in!

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  1. Your dress looks so gorgeous on you!!!! Congrats to you guys, looks like you had tons of fun.


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