Sunday, April 13, 2014

Back to Blogging and Foster Mommy Updates

I didn't really mean to take a break from blogging...... it just happened in the chaos of being a working mama.  It just happened as life happened.  I did miss blogging.  The hard part was so much of "our journey" we are not allowed to share...(yet). So it was hard for me to start writing again.  I knew it was something I missed, yet I didn't know how to begin again.

So for now~~ it will be Sundays.  

Happy First Sunday of my new blogging journey.

Each week, I'll be doing recaps of our crafts and recipes at Handmade Happy Hour, sharing our journey with Baby S. and spilling the scoop on our exciting new partnership.

Today, I'll start with a few pictures of the past few months.

See ya next Sunday!

xoxo, Cathie

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Little Miss S. is now almost 5 months old and she is happy and healthy.  Foster mama and daddy are doing great too.  We are sleeping through the night and adjusting well to being new parents.

Updates..... we have no "real update" other than the courts move incredibly SLOW! We are on course to being a forever family for Miss S. but we still have some hills to climb.  More to come on that after the April 30th court date.  We are still waiting on a DNA test and a few other minor things.  Our journey has been pretty smooth so far... (knock on wood).  I am forever grateful that we went with an agency.  They keep us grounded on this roller-coaster ride.

Don't heat your bottles!!!
Best tip I received. 

When we picked S. up at the hospital she was just two days old and had only been formula fed. The hospital feeds the babies room-temp bottles. As we were leaving the hospital with our 5-pound 5-ounce bundle of love the nurse said to me, "Don't heat her bottles, she has never had a warm bottle and there is no reason for her to start now."  It was all so blurry that day and I didn't really realize that she was giving me the best advice ever!

I had no idea that you could give a baby a room-temp bottle and had actually bought a bottle warmer that is now in a donation pile. Never ever used it.  Little S. is now almost 13-pounds and she eats like a champ.  The best part is that I can feed her anywhere without the worry of trying to heat a bottle.

 It's had to imagine she was this small.........

Some of her dolls.

She has been to a museum to two.

She outgrew her sneakers.

This was one of my favorite shirts on her. 
I'm making it into a pillow.

We have made several trips to Daiso, The Japanese Dollar Store, for supplies for our next book on Decoden.  Coming this fall!

Little S. took the family to see Mama's new end-cap at Michaels.

She marveled at the Endeavor! 

 Outfit for a day in Malibu!


It's been busy and full of fun.
See ya next Sunday!

xoxo, Cathie

P.S. Follow our journey at Instagram, Twitter and Facebook too.


  1. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Awwww It is so awesome to read your journey with your precious Miss S... You are the greatest lady I know. I am so glad you and your family are doing well. Hugggggs

  2. Super cute post. You have the biggest heart Cathie. I love the pillow idea with her shirt. I saved all of my favorite tops of Lily's from Gymboree since they had stitching, buttons and other cute embellies. I plan to make them into a baby quilt for her baby someday.

  3. You two are amazing... what a wonderful journey you are taking in life!

  4. I can feel the joy as I read your words. Your beaming !! So happy for you and hope that your a Forever Family very soon !

  5. So glad you are back!! I was a little worried that we weren't hearing from you. I should have known it's just the life of a new mom!

  6. I am happy to see you post a smiling face and sharing part of the journey. The photo with the dollar, wow.

  7. I often stop on your site I really appreciate it allows me to escape and think of other things .... What happiness ! thank you .

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