Monday, October 29, 2012

Altering my outfit for the Halloween epsiode of Home & Family on Hallmark...skulls, lace and vintage seam binding.

Tomorrow I am doing cupcake making on the Halloween show of Home & Family on Hallmark Channel.  I couldn't be more excited because Elvira will be on the show too!  The producers gave me the go-ahead to dress in costume or Halloween style.  So I decided to trick out this dress from Target and make a pin.  I also have a skull apron to wear and of course fake eyelashes.

I picked up some striped tights and new nail polish.

Here is the look in progress.  I'll take a head to toe tomorrow with my KILLER new pumps!

I stitched lace around the neckline.

 I added some pleated vintage seam binding to the edge of the lace.

 I used some mini pom pom trim around the skull cameo.

 I attached with Hot Glue.

 I added a {fast and furious} felt and pin-backing back to the cameo.

Ready to go!

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