Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Steve and I were Peeped!

Designs and Photos by Kristin Huckle

Highlight of my day!!!!  I am always happily surprised at the amount of creativity in people.  Earlier this year, Steve and I guest-judged on the Craft Masters webseries for Michaels.  We had an absolute blast and of course loved meeting all the contestants!  Once contestant, Kristin Huckle turned the whole event into a peep-filled diorama.   My heart skipped a beat when she tagged me in the is all so cute!!  Kristin just started her new blog.... The Flea Circus.

Here are we are in candy!!
(Jo, Steve and me)

Here we are in real life!!!  BTW Kristin was the winner!

Here are all the talented constants!
Ashley Ammons Wolfe - her etsy shop!

This is Ashley-Peep with Mod Podge!

Here is Kristin-peep with Nicole-peep.

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