Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dear Diary, I am most proud of my failures.

UPDATE: since writing this post I have received so many letters, emails and even a glittered bat!  I am so grateful for the support and hope that our story encourages others to believe in their dreams and go for it!

Fingers crossed.....
Hopefully we will have an announcement soon!

I feel blessed to work in the craft industry! Not just because I get to make things (all the time) or that is perfectly acceptable to work in pj's all day with glitter on your face and Mod Podge on your clothes.

It is the artists, crafters and creative risk-takers that keep me inspired and keep me swinging my glittered baseball bat.  I love that the people are supportive and encouraging of each other.  I love that the people are authentic.  And, I love that the people respectfully learn from each other and grow with every brushstroke. 

Last year, I did an interview with my publisher {{Lark Crafts}} about my Crafty Enthusiasm.  Yesterday, I stumbled across the interview and realized how much has changed in just one short year. One response in the interview really stands out to me..... I was asked "what I was most proud of in my crafting career" and I responded... "So many things! My TV show, my books, my product lines, my failures and my dare devil attitude towards crafting are all on the top of the list for things I am proud of. If I had to pinpoint one thing I am most proud of, it would be that I have always made a living being creative."

Did you see that?  I said I was most proud of my failures. LOL.  Sounds crazy - but it's true.  Failures mean that I am swinging my glittered bat.  I have been asked many times about my success and I just now realized that having an idea, believing and taking a swing is the key to my success and creative happiness.

Steve and I, have been swinging so hard this past year and I think we are going to the World Series.  I know that no one will ever really know how many misses and strikes we have had.  Or how many glitter tears were shed.  I can tell you we had many misses....but I am counting the home-runs and staying proud of the misses.

Our Home-Runs!

1. We have a line launching in Michaels this summer that I could not be more proud of.  

2. A new show in development that would change food and crafts on TV.  

3. The craft room is half organized.

4. A craft show we helped produce is coming to TLC this summer.  

5. We stayed true to ourselves.

6. Hot Glue Gun Helpers are exploding at HSN and are being re-branded under Mod Podge.

7. We are developing ((two)) new top-secret lines for ((two)) major retailers.

Here is my what you love, believe in your ideas, take calculated risks, make cold calls, juggle well with a smile, say NEXT to the naysayers.....and be proud of your failures.

XO Cathie

p.s. I am off to find a bat to actually glitter and hang in the studio.


  1. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Love this and love you both too. I have been a fan since Creative Juice and I am always inspired by you and Steve. I hope your new show will be on a network we get. We downgraded our cable last year. I do follow you on facebook and here on your blog. I don't know you but I am proud to call you a friend. Susan in PA. Keep swinging.

    1. Thank You, Susan! and thanks for following us since Creative Juice! Hopefully we will have a new show coming soon! xo

  2. So proud. I think I know about the show, the company but can't remember what it is. Email me about the 2 lines. Shows are great but I get such more excited about the new products. Tell Steve I got his text, LOL. I want to know what it is, hehe.

  3. You are inspirational! I have seen how hard you have worked for years and am so happy that good things are going to people who deserve it!

    1. Thanks, Amy! I am glad that you will be a friend for life. I can't wait to see your next adventure and I KNOW you are gonna rock it! xo

  4. This is great! Failures are good when we learn something :) Sounds like you have had way more successes anyway, keep swinging, and thank you for being so real and so inspirational!!!

    1. Thanks, Karen! I try to keep it real and I am going to keep swinging! :)

  5. You're awesome Cathie!
    I still have some old episodes of Creative Juice saved on the DVR from when it used to air here in Oz, you and Steve are so fun and creative!
    I love that - the swing. Now I will think of Dory in Finding Nemo singing, "Just keep swimming" but replace it with "swinging", and smile. I really loved NEXT to the naysayers! Yay!!!

  6. You are so inspirational! I have also been a fan of Creative Juice and both of my daughters (who are 3 and 6) loved watching my "Craft Shows" with me when CJ was in re-runs on HGTV. Now my 6 year old is OBSESSED with Craft Wars... literally watching the episodes over and over again! I'm pretty sure if there was a kids version she would be READY!


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