Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tutorial: Tie Dyed Pillowcases with Magic Stamp Foam Stamps

 Tie Dyed and Stamped Pillowcases

Add a little boho flair to pillowcases with fabric dye, paint and an impressionable foam stamp.  Just looking at them makes me feel like getting cozy with a cup of coco and a good movie.

Rubber bands
Rit Fabric dye
Magic Stamp block
Embossing gun
Object to press into the stamp to make an impression, we used a disco ball
Folkart Acrylic paint
Folkart Textile medium
Foam paintbrush

1. Pre-wash the pillowcase to remove any sizing.  Wet the pillowcase to ensure that the dye will distribute evenly.

2. Wrap the pillowcase with rubber bands. Bunching and gathering into a ball gives a mottled or marbled look. Gathering the pillowcase at the center, forming it into a cone and putting rubber bands at even intervals will give a bulls-eye shaped pattern. Pinching in the middle, twisting into a cinnamon bun shape and rubber banding will give a striped pattern.  Mix the dye according to the Rit package instructions in a basin or bucket designated for craft projects. Submerge in the dye bath for the amount of time recommended on the dye instructions.

3. Heat the foam stamp block with the embossing gun.

4. Press the stamp block onto an object to form an impression. We used a disco ball.

5. Mix the acrylic paint with the textile medium, using the ratio recommended on the textile medium bottle.  Use a foam brush to apply a thin layer of paint to the stamp block.  Press with light, even pressure onto the edge of the pillowcase. Allow to dry for 24 hours.   Iron the stamp to heat set it.

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  1. Hi Cathie! I cant believe the amount of awesome and unique tutorials you have here. You are crazy good! I am a friend of Sean O Sea and he told me about your blog. I have a sewing blog but do some home DIY and crafting but mostly, its sewing! I would have e mailed you but couldnt find a link. Have you heard of the snap creative bloggers conference? I was thinking of going and wondering if you had any thoughts since you are so experienced in the creative world.


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