Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back Home from a Whirlwind Trip to a top secret Michaels event.

Steve and I just took a mighty quick trip to an event where all the Michaels managers from across the USA meet up in a hotel to see the new merchandise.  We went to film some Mod Podge and Dimensional Magic spots for Michaels but we got to see all the new products and that was really cool.

We were also lucky to see some of our crafty friends....We shared a yummy breakfast with good pal Drew Emborsky, Kathy aka Crafty Chica was busy show casing new craft ideas and just being cute, Tiffany Windsor was in the house and is always inspiring, the Double Stitch Twins were as adorable as ever, Lisa Pavelka was making such cute rings, the living doll Hope Perkins was painting on live models, the uber nice Alex Peruzzi was showcasing the new MS paints and finishes, Tim Holtz was doing demos, fellow Okie and amazingly crafty Pattie Wack was making spin art.....oh I am sure I am missing someone......ugh....

Need Coffee!

Filming with fun, full of life and oh so creative, Jo Pearson from Michaels.

Heading home after 10 hours on the ground.  It was a fast but fun trip!
I heart airplane snacks!


  1. We have a Michaels and a Hobby Lobby. You guys should come to Gastonia, NC 28052. Both stores have class rooms too..

    It is great to see You and Steve. Love your products you do together.

    Cathie got the product and working on my blog post as we speak.


  2. Chris Wooten sent me!! Love your blog! :)

  3. Anonymous1:38 PM

    I love coming acorss new blogs on all things crafty. The lovely Chris Wooten sent me here, and I am so glad she did. Love your blog!
    Sandra in New Zealand

  4. I am now following your blog. Chris Wooten sent me!

  5. wow this is cool Chris Wooten sent me. would love to win this cool prize would love the mat, and the tools

  6. Wow - cool blog! Love the pickle recipe and will definitely try that out!! Chris Wooten sent me. Happy Crafting, Cathie!

  7. Cathie & Steve, I have loved you two since the day Creative Juice aired for the first time! Cathie, I absolutely love your glue gun helper! Just had surgery on my hand this morning and think, no, I'm sure this will help me be able to craft sooner (castwill be on for 2 months).
    Also, wanted to tell you I love all your (Steve, included) projects. But most of all I love to learn the background information you share. Before I forget, Chris Wooten @ sent me and I'm so grateful she did!
    Keep up the fabulous shows, blogs, books, projects and everything you do for your fellow crafters. God Bless.

  8. Thanks, Renee! I really appreciate your kind words. Made my day!

  9. Chris Wooten sent me. I love these tools to use with hot glue. What great items... Thanks for making these for all crafters.
    What a great prize for anyone....

  10. chris wooten sent me. love the idea of these tools. just wish I THOUGHT OF IT YEARS AGO.

  11. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Chris Wooten sent me, I am now a new follower. Love the hot glue helpers.
    Melissa D


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