Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tune in or DVR - DIY Network - 3 episodes of Creative Juice - Monday Mornings

Get Your Creative Juice Fix.....
3 episodes of Creative Juice - Monday Mornings!

July18, 2011
Mornings - Check your local times


Episode 807:
Asian Inspiration
Crafty Fun
Sushi Magnets

Jewelry Projects
Beaded Hair Pins and Book Markers
Pearl Wrist Wraps

Home Projects
 Painted Saki Sets

 In The Kitchen
Infused Saki

Paper Projects
Origami Folded Cards


Episode 808:
Sunny Daze
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In The Kitchen
Homemade Peach Ice Cream

Home Projects
Tasseled Bread Basket Liners
Painted Wine Chillers
Polymer Clay Wine Corks
Pansy Printed Napkins
Wire Wrapped Salad Set 

Episode 809:
Keeping Time
In The Kitchen
Thyme Cheese Ball and Crackers

Home Projects
Wall Clocks
Recycled Album Clocks
Scrapped Clocks

Jewelry Projects
Turquoise Pendant Watches

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