Friday, March 11, 2011

Fashion This: Wood Disk Belt with Hippie Flair

Fashion This: Wood Disk Belt with Hippie Flair

 Making belts on the set of Creative Juice.
This project is from episode 408 Ring and Things.

Materials Needed:
Measuring Tape
2” wood disks (amount determined in step 1)
1/16” and 5/32” drill bits
Waxed hemp cording
Stiffy by Plaid
Fabri-Tac by Beacon
1/8 yard of cotton fabric or scrap fabrics
Scissors, punches or a die cutter
Faux suede cording – 4 yards
Decorative beads w/ large holes (to fit onto the suede cord)
Wood stain or paint (optional)

1. Measure around your hips at the spot where you will wear the. Divide this number by 2 and the answer will be how many 2” wood disks you will need to purchase.

2. You can leave the wood disks as is or you can paint or stain them.   We stained ours before we drilled them.  Center and line the ruler up across each disk and use the pencil to mark your drill marks. You will mark on each side of the disks 1/8” from the edge. Using a drill and a 1/16” drill bit drill through all the holes, except for the designated end two disks. On these two, you will want to drill one side with the 1/16” bit and the 5/32” bit on the other side.

3. Decorating the disks: Apply the Stiffy to the fabric – follow the manufactures instruction. Once dry, use scissors, punches (if using punches, make sure they are sharp) or a die cutter to cut fun shapes like paisleys, daisies, etc. from the fabric. Use a Fabric Tac glue to attach the fabric shapes to the wood disks.  (be sure that you don’t cover the drilled holes)

4. String the disks together: Thread the hemp cord (3 times the length of the belt) through the holes of the disks using a backstitch type stitch. Start with the second disk, thread hemp through, leaving a little tail. Then thread the hemp through the first disk’s smaller hole. Then turn the 2 disks over and give them a good knot. Then thread the hemp through the third disk then back through the second hole of the second disk, flip and knot. Repeat for the remaining disks. This will prevent the disks from flipping around and facing the wrong way.

5. Cut 4 pieces of the faux suede cording – each piece about 3 feet long. Thread 2 pieces through the larger holes at the ends of the belt. Thread a bead onto both ends of each piece of cording and tie a knot to keep the bead from slipping off the end.

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