Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Altered Champagne Glasses and JuJu Belle Bracelets

JuJu Belle Bracelets
Wrapped in Altered Champagne Glasses!  

Doctored and decorated plastic champagne glasses are the perfect little vessel for holding a precious gift.  They can be adorned to the nines or simply-made with fine tulle and a sophisticated bow. 

Bridal season is always just around the corner and this gift wrap idea is perfect for wrapping bridesmaids gifts.  They make quite a statement when displayed as a group or on a party tray - recipients will ohh and ahh as they pull the ribbon ties.


Gotta LOVE the Dollar Store!

I purchased most of the items for the wrapping at my local dollar store.  The glasses were 8 for $1.  The hot pink tulle was for wrapping gift baskets.  I used three $1 packages for 8 glasses.  The Aurora Borealis shred is for filling Easter baskets.  I only used 1/4 of the $1 package.  The star garland was a buck too!  The only things from my craft stash (or the craft store) is the scrap-paper punches, pearls, pink gift baggies and ribbon.

The baubles are from my friend's company JuJu Belle.  They have the cutest mix and match Trinkets, Rhinestone Alphabets, Charms, Beads and a big variety of chains for necklaces and bracelets.  I just got a sneak peek at the crafty themed charms and they are SOOOO cute!   I am giving the bracelets as gifts to a group of women I am working with.  I chose to go with the same theme for each woman because I wanted them all to match.

I also packed each one in a sheer bag for jewelry box storage.

One thing I love about her line is that each charm comes with a clasp so you can easily clip and mix and match charms with bracelets or necklace bases.  You can load up with charms or just wear one.

Are You Ready to MAKE or WHAT?

What You Need For Each One:
Plastic Champagne Glass
14X14 Piece of Tulle
Chip Clip
7" Crepe Paper Streamers
Hot Glue 
7" Star Wire Streamers
Scrap-paper Punched Circles
Flat Backed Pearls or Rhinestones
14" Ribbon
Pretty Basket Shred

Remove the base from the glass, flip upside down and pierce the stem through the center of the mesh tulle.

Gather the top together and clip with a chip clip.

Hot glue crepe paper streamer around the base of the glass.  This will secure the tulle and add a decorative ruff.

Push the paper into the glue to create pleated ruffles.

Hot glue one end of the star wire streamer to the center of the paper ruff.
Wrap the wire trim around the stem and secure the end with hot glue.

Position a scrap-paper circle over the tipped end of a hot glue gun helper press wand or the tip of a blunt pair of scissors.  Press the side down to form a flower shape.

Position the paper circle over the beginning and end of the star trim and hot glue in place.  This will cover the ends of the wire trim.

Hot glue a pearl or gem in the center of the paper circle.

This is what the glass should look like so far.

Place the base back on the glass and hot glue a strip of ribbon around the seam.
Remove the chip clip, trun the glass right side up, fill the glass with a palm-full of basket shred and place the gift in the glass.

Gather the tulle and tie with a bow!  Trim the ends of the ribbons and tops of the tulle.

 Make more!


  1. Cute overload!! Perfect party favors :)

  2. Cathie you did it again! I really like this idea. Now if my daughter was old enough to get married. JK. I could see this for my movie night club.

  3. Anonymous4:11 PM

    OMG - Sharing with my sister. I love the rhinestone letters, she could do one for each of her bridesmaids. FUN FUN! Carol in ND.

  4. Hi Carol, glad ju like them! Please let us know how we can help you.

  5. Fabulous tutorial and cute idea! Dropping by from lillianpearl.blogspot.com!
    -Your newest follower!


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