Sunday, January 02, 2011

Make This: An Organic Family Tree

 Make This: An Organic Family Tree

It’s a whole new take on the family tree, as we sink a real tree branch into plaster of Paris and decorate it with cherished family photos.

Plaster Of Paris Hobby & Craft Dry Mix 4.4 lb
Cold Water
Disposable Paint Stick
Mixing Bucket
Decorative Container – No holes in the bottom
Various twigs and branches – ones with multiple leads work best
Ranger Ink Memory Glass
Ranger Ink Memory Frames
Scrap ribbon
Scrapbook paper
Family photos
Additional paper embellishments
Round nose pliers
Wire cutters
Moss or grass
Glue Stick

Let's Make it!

1. Use the mixing bucket and mix the Plaster of Paris as instructed on the package.


2. Fill the decorative container with the Plaster of Paris and stick in the twigs. Tape them to the bucket if you need extra stability. Allow 30 minutes for it to dry.

3. Building the Frames: Trace 2 pieces of the scrapbook paper to the size of the slide and cut them out.

4. Using one of the pieces as a base, layer and glue stick on additional papers with names, birthdays, quotes, etc., just like a mini scrapbook page and allow to dry.  Glue stick the remaining scrapbook paper to the other side so that you have a backing.

5. Sandwich between the two pieces of glass, then slide them into the frame.  Add a bit of ribbon to the wire loop to create a hanger. Hang the frame on the tree. Repeat for all your family members.

6. Fill the decorative container with moss to cover the plaster.

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  1. this is so right down my alley...!!! i love this....not sure my hubby would since this would be meaning that i bring another twig or nature into the house...
    i have this thing about wanting to bring nature(acorns, twigs, moss, pinecones and etc.) into the house and my hubby always gives me that this is the first Christmas in a long time that i actually didn't bring a branch from outside and stick it in a pot and hang ornaments on....i dont think i have ever hung pictures on one, i really like this concept and i've never used the plaster paris before either...and with this idea i can keep it all year round....!! :) Thank You!


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