Sunday, January 02, 2011

Make It: Chalkboard Message Center

Amazing chalkboard paint is the key to turning a plain cupboard door into a message board that’s sure to be the center of activity in your home.  Visit this link to see all the colors chalkboard paint comes in!!  Look for old cupboards at thrift shops, salvage shops and yard sales.  P.S. Craigslist is a good resource too!

Large cupboard door
Blue painters’ tape
Water-based primer
Chalkboard paint
Two colors of high-gloss latex paint
Foam paintbrushWall-mount soap holder
Miscellaneous hardware, such as drawer pulls, hooks, cabinet doorknobs, etc.
Drill with various sized bits
Heavy duty picture hangers
Picture hanging wire


1. Flip the cupboard door over and nail one triangle wire hanger into the side of the door frame, towards the top. Repeat with the other triangle wire hanger on the opposite side of the door.


2. Attach the wire to the hangers by threading it through the triangle of the wire hanger, leaving a large tail. Wrap this tail back around the wire. Do the same on the other side, creating a taut hanger.

3. If you want a more rustic finish, sand the edges of the cabinet door and leave it as is. Or if you want a polished look, sand the entire front surface of the cabinet door. Apply primer and allow the primer to dry.  Apply the first color of high gloss paint to the edge of the door.

4. For a beveled door, such as the one we used, once the edge of the door is dry, tape it off with blue painters’ tape. Apply a coat of a second color of high gloss paint to the recessed portion of the door.  Allow the paint to dry and remove the painters’ tape.

5. Painting the chalkboard: Using a foam paintbrush, apply chalkboard paint to the center section of the door.  Allow the chalkboard paint to dry for 4 hours, then apply a second coat in the opposite direction.  Add a third coat if necessary.  Season the chalkboard by rubbing a piece of chalk on the dried surface. 


6. Mark where you would like to add drawer knobs, handles, and a wall mountable soap dish (to be used as a chalk tray). You can also use a hook to hang a cloth to use to wipe the chalkboard clean. Pre-drill holes and then screw in the hardware.

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  1. Great tutorial! Thanks for the very neat idea!


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