Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Witch Crafts: Haunted Halloween Centerpiece

Day 25 of 31...

When it is time to set the table for Halloween, you will need a haunted centerpiece. Perfect for the center of a dinning table, side table or fireplace mantel. Begin with a thrifted base of any color and alter it with paints, extreme glitter and Mod Podge

This Extreme Glitter and Mod Podge project was designed for Plaid. Pop by my page at Plaid to see this project and tons more ideas!!!

FolkArt Extreme Glitter - Silver
FolkArt Artists Pigments - Pure Black
FolkArt Metallics - Gunmetal Gray
Mod Podge Gloss
Plaster floral container
Foam paintbrush
Floral foam
Silk flowers and leaves
Detail paintbrush
Medium foam pumpkin
Printed Halloween words
Hot glue and glue gun
Spider webs
Decorative ribbon

Lets Make it!

1. Dry brush paint the flower container with Pure Black paint. To make the aged look, don't paint the entire surface. Randomly paint the container with Silver Extreme Glitter.

2. Fill the container with floral foam. Poke the silk flowers into the foam so that the leaves fall. Randomly paint the flowers with Pure Black paint.

3. Paint the foam pumpkin with Gunmetal Gray paint. Topcoat with two coats of Silver Extreme Glitter. Using a detail brush, paint random stripes down the sides of the pumpkin.

4. Add printed Halloween words to the pumpkins. Coat the front and backside of the words with Mod Podge. Position them on the pumpkin, press any air bubbles with your fingers and smooth your brush strokes.

5. Drape spider webs over the leaves and flowers. Hot glue the painted pumpkin in the center of the arrangement. Add a bow to the base of the pumpkin.

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  1. Great post...thank you for sharing. We love to make our Halloween pieces too. If you get a chance to look here is our dining room table much chatter from the ladies but it's cute.


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